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Link building service

Post by ahmedharf21 on Tue Mar 29, 2016 7:47 pm

before we discuss first what is a backlink. A backlink is a traffic that leads to a page of a website, and in order to get ranked on the search engines, so that your pages can be accessed by people who are all over the world. A backlink is a website pulse, if we do not have the backlink, just the same as the house was uninhabited, for that we have to build as many backlinks as possible, in a website we have to struggle as much as possible. but there are some people who do not know much about how to get backlinks. Here we will discuss how to get backlinks, first by exchanging links with other websites, both by way of registering your website and memb, third by visiting the blog - other people’s blogs and comment and leave your link in comments, the fourth by following the forums and promote your link, the fifth by putting your link on classified ad sites.


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